URSA Conference 2023

July 12th to 14th




The URSA conference is for educators of every grade level and education administration.

The conference provides hands on and break-out sessions that will focus on insights and interventions with strategies to provide professional learning to improve student outcomes. There will be sessions focused on strengthening mental and behavioral health supports, student supports, grading practices, literacy best practices, strengthened the guaranteed curriculum at each school, and developing a culture of investment.  

Credit for attending the conference.  Have questions, suggestions, and comments, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to provide additional information.

Participant registration cancelation deadlines enforced
In order to avoid unnecessary charges to your school district, please make sure to cancel your registration if you will be unable to attend by June 22, 2023.  You can cancel your registration by sending an email to johnna@seschools.org.  Thank you